Brighton Healing Rooms is made up of ordinary Christians from Brighton, Hove and beyond coming together to bring the gifts of the kingdom of God to anyone with a need.

We provide a safe place where anyone can come for prayer, understanding and peace. We want to do this because we want every person to know God’s love for them and what Jesus can do for them.


Knowing God is not just about having a place to go when we pass from this earth, it is about sharing with others the wonderful gifts that God has given us through Jesus Christ. These gifts are many, but include prayer, healing, peace, the love of Christ, and the desire to help others.

So we enjoy meeting with people who have a need for prayer and help that only God's power and love can provide.


We meet every Friday at COSTA COFFEE (see times and location at the bottom of the page). You will find just a small group of friendly people who will always be happy to help and make you feel at ease. We don't expect anything of you, and It doesn't matter if you know Jesus or not, just that you come and see us. See us at Costa Coffee here https://youtu.be/kkFRyTLOIGI 

FOR YOU........

We provide a safe place where anyone can receive prayer for their needs. We want every person to know God’s love for them and what Jesus can do for them, and indeed the wonderful things He has already done.

This ministry works within a loving and compassionate environment, full of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. It is marked by a true sense of peace. The world around us is like being on a train full of people, it speeds on to a destination that so many of us are unaware of. It is a wonderful thing to continue that journey with the prince of peace supporting you, and guiding your direction, for He knows where you are going.

We offer visitors an opportunity, to enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit. God is three in one, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Our total reliance is on the Holy Spirit, as He works within us, and through us, as He guides us in the will of The Father, to bring peace, love, healing and truth to all people.

The true God that we know, and that we want everyone to know, is always love, complete and total love, and He wants everyone of us to know that love, and the salvation that He has provided for us through everything Jesus did on the cross. He has also given us the loving power of The Holy Spirit to do His work on this earth as a witness to the truth of His word.

Jesus Christ is the author of truth, the world will tell us one thing, but Jesus always tells us and guides us towards truth.
There are many people that do not believe in Jesus, and who He really is, but it is certain that He believes in everyone, He loves everyone, and He doesn't want anyone hurt, ill, sad, lonely, or lost.
Jesus is real, He is reaching out His hand to everyone. Whatever you current faith, nationality, or culture. Whatever you are involved in, whatever your life is or was, He loves you more than anyone possibly could, and He has provided so much for everyone that will receive it, it is all on the table waiting for everyone to simply accept and receive.

It is absolutely a certain thing that Jesus Christ, God's only Son wants you to receive His healing. He wants you to know who He is, that He loves you, and that He is real and alive.
There are some people that question God's healing today, this is not correct and is not true. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He told all His Disciples (a disciple is a believer who has accepted Jesus Christ, both then and also today) to place hands on the sick and they will recover; this has never changed, only peoples belief and doubt has changed.