After receiving prayer on George Street, Helen contacted the Vineyard by telephone and gave the following testimony:

A week ago I asked the HOTS team to pray for healing of chronic back pain. I had this pain for years and the Doctors had given up trying to treat it. After prayer the pain went and continue to be free from it. Thank you God.”

Further Testimonies

Rodney's Story
Rod fell down a flight of stairs and damaged his ribs. In a lot of pain overnight. Next morning at hospital X-Ray showed definitely one rib broken near the sternum with a possible further fracture. However, CT scan contradicted X-Ray and showed no broken rib. This puzzled doctors who discussed it for some time. People were praying and Rod is convinced it was an intervention by God as while waiting for CT scan breathing was significantly easier. He is left with a bony bump where the bone was previously broken near the sternum.

Sushi’s Story
Sushi came for prayer for her daughter who was afflicted with depression and agoraphobia and who hadn't been out of the house for months. We prayed for her on a previous occasion and a member of the team visited  her in Worthing, As a result her daughter came to visit us in Brighton, a huge answer to prayer! The mother wrote: 'I just wanted to thank you and your team especially M. for praying for R on Friday. She really engaged with him and in fact would like to come again on Friday. We are really grateful for everything you and your team are doing in R's life. God Bless you. S.

Catherine’s Story
5 years ago, my husband of 49 years died suddenly from a cardiac arrest while watching TV. The  excellent ambulance team spent 45mins trying to resuscitate him, which was very traumatic for me, as with a nursing career, I knew he had “gone”, but they have to follow a protocol.
30yrs ago, I became carer to a 28 yr old man who came in to our surgery having a mental breakdown caused by severe sexual abuse in his childhood. I befriended him as he was very lonely having walked away from his family and friends. Over the years he was included in our family activities. 8 months ago he fell ill and was admitted to hospital and was on life support for 4 months. I visited him most days until he died.
So both men in my life - my husband and friend had gone. I felt quite traumatised and bereft after this double bereavement and discussed it with my sister, who recommended a visit to the Healing Rooms. Eventually I went and was warmly greeted by the Brighton HR team at Costa, who offered me a welcome cup of coffee.
After listening to my story, and a little discussion, they gently prayed for me and read appropriate scriptures. My tears flowed and I got the shakes-the Holy Spirit was starting the healing process in my innermost being.
During what I thought to be the final prayer, the phrase ‘overcoming negative obstacles from the past’ was used, which reminded me of my upbringing in a condemning and controlling church environment which has been a negative influence on my relationship with God. After some unexpected discussion on this subject, they again prayed into the situation, and now a month later my relationship with Jesus has deepened, and I feel much more accepted by Him.
I am very grateful for the ministry of the Healing Rooms, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others —  God bless you all in this work.

Mandy’s    Story
Twelve years ago my life as I knew it disappeared forever. I lost my beloved teaching career, my financial security, my love of racket sports, and worst of all my mobility and independence. I had developed severe spinal scoliosis as a result of the genetic disorder EDS, was in constant pain and had became wheel chair bound.. I was hospitalised many times over the next few years and underwent six intricate spinal surgeries in an attempt to stabilise my damaged spine.. Then last year our lives took another unexpected downward spiral. My pain levels rose exponentially and my hard- fought mobility deteriorated. I was discovered that the scoliosis, surgically rectified nine years ago, had returned and was compromising the nerve supply to my legs. I also had developed acute osteoarthritis in my hips, which made any kind of walking extremely painful. At the same time my 24 -year -old sons was immobilised by the same genetic condition that had destabilised my spine. He had to take a year out of university just before his final year, and spent most of it house bound; exhausted by constant joint pain and debilitating depression.. We had hit rock bottom as a family, and there was nothing I could do to fix it.
Late one night after another night full of fear I just let go and cried out to God. I cannot do this on my own anymore. I give up trying, and hand all of it over to you. Take everything; my mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart. All that I have is yours. Take over my life Father and use it for your purposes. I meant every word, and looking back now see that the moment I uttered those heartfelt words my life began to transform. As I prayed for wisdom about my future I picked up a leaflet at the back of my church about Many Voices, annual Christian Convention at the Dome in Brighton, and just knew that I had to go. The moment I arrived my feet seemed to do the talking and led me to a room upstairs, where a group of people were offering healing prayers to visitors. I eagerly hobbled forward and found out that they belonged to the Bethesda Brighton Healing Rooms. Afterwards they invited me to visit them at Costa Coffee in Churchill square every Friday morning and I readily agreed. It wasn’t long before I noticed subtle but significant changes happening in my life. First my pain levels dropped, and then my energy levels rose, and I became far more adventurous and confident. By the fifth visit I felt strong enough to get on a bus to Churchill Sq. something I had not attempted for 12 years. I was no longer afraid for my future and in fact started to feel excited about the possibilities! Visiting the Healing Rooms week by week felt a bit like peeling back the skin of a very tough onion, as members of the group gently guided me in prayer, and helped me to offload my unspoken fears.  At the Healing Rooms. I felt instantly accepted by the group and never once felt judged, even when I chose to offload some very painful and angry childhood memories. I could literally feel the warmth of their love radiating over me as we prayed together, and each week I left feeling peaceful and full of hope. Each time they prayed for my mother and son and I felt infused with strength, which then impacted greatly on my life at home. Best of all my prayers are being answered! My son’s health has improved too and he is now feels well enough to return to university for his final year in September! I  have not only seen answers to their prayers but and their unconditional acceptance has completely changed the way I feel both about myself, and deal with others around me. I no longer hold onto anger in my life, as I feel accepted for who I am, and best of all part of a loving family. I’ve become a lot bolder and now offer healing prayers at the prayer group that I attend at my own church. Last Friday I was at Costa coffee with the group when middle- aged man walked in and asked for healing prayers. He suffered from Parkinson’s’ and his hands and face were trembling badly. As he was prayed over the tremors began to slow down, and then just disappeared altogether. The look on his face said it all, and I understood exactly how he felt! I know exactly what it feels like to be touched by Christ’s love. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to this committed group of Christians who have chosen to follow Christ’s directives for his friends, and reach out with tenderness to those in need the community. I have received both emotional and physical healing during my time at the Bethesda Brighton Healing Rooms, and can now watch on in joy as week by week my son’s health improves, and he accepts m my healing prayers when he is having a hard day .

Elizabeth’s Story
I came to Brighton Healing Rooms in January 2019 as I had cancer for the second time. I was welcomed by some lovely friendly people who made me feel at home.  They all prayed for me and believed that God  was healing me that day. It was such a tremendous comfort and gave me hope for the future.
I have been back many times and each time they prayed for me, which boosted me up and kept me going through this difficult time. I followed the medical treatment of chemotherapy and after only two chemos the scan showed a huge reduction in cancer cells.  The oncologist was delighted. Since then I had more chemos.  and prayer and am now cancer free.
I believe that Jesus was working through the prayers alongside the medical treatment to get this wonderful outcome.  Also the prayers kept me positive otherwise I don't know how I would have coped.  
Don't hesitate to go to Brighton Healing Rooms! I would like to thank them all for giving up their time to help me.

S’s Story: “I went to the Healing Rooms Centre with my wife as I’ve had a bad back and a cough cord over a year. I described my problems to the team who were really understanding and friendly. They prayed for me and one team member has a vision regarding my illness and how to remove it. They didn’t just say ‘right that’s done’, and move on, they described the vision and what it means. I am now doing what is recommended and am seeing an improvement in my cough. they then prayed for my back, and immediately I felt the discs were better! I also had a problem with my sciatic nerve, which was probably due to lower back putting pressure on it. Now the back issue is healed, I expect the nerve to repair and get better, but if not I’ll be back for more! just give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

C’s Story : “I’m that I’m not the only woman who tries to soldier on when she is ill. not wanting to let people down and convincing herself that ‘it’ will pass – whatever ‘it’ may be.  In my case it was migraine. For over 35 years I suffered varying degrees of debilitating illness, it could last for four to seven days at a time. During the past few years the attacks had become more frequent. I was on medication from the doctor but nothing seemed to work. Last summer during a two week holiday in the ‘Med’ four of the days were stolen by my illness. It was then that I realised that migraine not only affected me but took it’s toll on my partner, and though he never complained and was always sympathetic, it was unfair of me to soldier on. It was around this time that my dear friend spoke with me about the Healing Rooms Centre. My friend knows me to be shy and under confident when meeting people, but she explained that the meetings were informal relaxed and without pressure, and so one Friday evening I visited the Healing Centre – after all I had nothing quite lose ——how wrong I was—-I lost what had plagued me for 35+ years and every day I thank God for His healing.”

C’s Story: C is a receptionist in her 20’s at a Premier Inn Hotel where members of the Healing Rooms team were staying. We discovered that she wanted to be an artist but couldn’t because of the effect of a tumour on her pituitary gland. This produces pressure on the region of the brain concerned with eyesight, very much restricting her peripheral vision. We tested this and found that it was a very narrow field of vision. Members of the team prayed for her in the knowledge that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, would cause the tumour to disappear. We then tested her vision and found that her peripheral vision had returned to normal. She praised Jesus and converted to from her Sikh religion to follow Him. Hallelujah!

J’s Story:    “My marriage was breaking up, my heart was breaking, I need help, I was desperate. I visited the Healing Rooms Centre and received prayer. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was no longer alone and I knew it.”

B’s Story:    “Just recently, I had been experiencing pain in my wrists, hands and forearms that seemed to come without any cause. It was very debilitating and made doing the daily tasks of life difficult. It was prayed for by the team at the Healing Centre and 98% of the pain disappeared overnight. I had prayer again the following week and the remaining pain completely disappeared.”

R’s Story:    “I visited the Healing Centre after having a very uncomfortable ear problem for two months, which was affecting my everyday life. The welcome I received was great, it was so warm and kind. We started off with a quick chat which put me at ease immediately. I described my issue, and they listened carefully, then began to pray over me. I felt so calm and peaceful, and really felt a connection with God. Since this time I have noticed significant improvement in my ear. Although not fully healed it is much better.”

J’s Story: “I came to the Bethesda Healing Rooms Centre a year ago suffering from a severe form of ‘tennis elbow’ and emotional trauma resulting from my husband walking put on me. the prayer team were very kind and took time to listen to my story through my tears. They then prayed for me and to my surprise I felt immediate relief from the pain in my elbow. Which as of now is completely gone. the team then spent some time praying into my relationship problem and to my joy my husband returned to me the very next day! Thank you Jesus. I give thanks to God for blessing me and my family the whole of this past year.

P's Story

Just thought I would give a quick encouragement to you all.  Many of you have prayed for me over the years. Thank you. Whist in expectation for total healing, God gives miracles along the way.  For those who don't know my story, is below, with a new addition:

In January 1992, doctors found I had a benign tumour growing on my pituitary gland. They only found it because I was loosing my eye sight, as the tumour was pressing on the optic nerve. I was rushed into hospital for an operation. Doctors said my eye-sight would never recover, but after much prayer my sight came back enough for me to drive a car once again.

In 1997, I got married, knowing that our chances of having children were in Gods hands. The radiotherapy I had received had knocked out any chances of us having children naturally. After 2 ½ years of hormone treatment, we expected to be finally told “there is no hope”, I was put on an extra drug which finally started to get things moving. We were then sent for IVF. At our first consultation, before starting treatment, my wife was routinely tested for pregnancy. It was there that we found she was carrying our first child. We now have two wonderful God given children.

2008 brought about my second operation to remove more of the tumour. Whist the operation was a success and the tumour after further medication is no more, my eyesight went down hill again. I'm now in faith for my second eye-sight miracle.

Last year in 2017, after 25 years of having hormone replacement for testosterone, something amazing happened. I had my routine hospital appointment with the pituitary specialist. She said I was now producing my own testosterone and after further tests, I no-longer needed a replacement. In her words she said ‘after 10 years this would be unusual but after 20 years it is very unusual!’.

God is good.  

Keep going for it in praying for people,

God bless you all,

D commented as a follow up on a visit to the Bethesda Healing Rooms: “I will read over that verse and will definitely come back to the healing rooms soon, as my visit has definitely carried me through a difficult period in my life and I am grateful.”

Chris's Testimony:
Chris came to the Healing Rooms seeking prayer to eliminate the curse of prostate cancer with which he was afflicted. After this first meeting he felt he was deeply touched by God and later discovered that his PSA, which was previously high, had fallen significantly and that the cancer was in retreat.
In his latest testimony he writes: 'This week I saw my consultant; my PSA is still very low, and my prostate problems are under control. I believe I have been healed!
Furthermore, when I received prayer at the Healing Room, I never mentioned to you that I had suffered from Still Disease for 30 years, but since I was prayed for, it has never re-occurred, and in fact I have much more energy than I enjoyed for many years. I was able to share all this with my Consultant, who did not know about the Healing Rooms.'

What roles are there in the Healing Rooms Brighton?

We need pray-ers, intercessors, people to hand out leaflets…

Maybe you would just like to be  a friend! The  ministry we offer is free, we say the cost has already been met by Jesus, but we do incur expenses. We are  also exposed to spiritual attack and  are solely dependent on the empowerment and  protection of the Holy Spirit. What we need are friends who will make a commitment to pray for us every day and  especially on Saturday mornings when we are  on the streets. Let us know if you will commit to this support as a friend, we like to know that people are  praying for us.

We are URGENTLY needing to increase the number of people called to be with us to pray so that we can provide prayer every week in Brighton.

If you feel called to help us in any way contact us at the address below. Training can be  given on a one-to-one basis.