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If you have anything from a cold or back ache to life threatening or incurable diseases or conditions, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ can heal you. When Jesus was on this earth, it tells us that He healed everyone that came to him, and therefore it is always His will to make you better and to heal you from whatever you have; He has never changed.
It can be physical sickness, mental or spiritual issues, it can be family problems, worries or other situations such as alcohol or drug abuse that need solving, nothing is too big or complicated for Him. God loves every single person in this world, and it doesn't matter who you are or what you have done, He is holding out His hands to you now, come to Him. If you truly come to Him in faith, He will set you free.

We are not a church

We are not a church, just a group of Christians who believe that God's love has shown us to serve people, and to bring to them the love, healing and friendship given by God through Jesus Christ. We do not judge, ask difficult questions or condemn. Come and see us, you don't even need to be sick, even if you just want a chat or to talk or ask questions, literally everyone is very very welcome. See you soon!

Who we are

We are a group of Christians, who are driven by the word of God through His great love, to heal the sick and help the needy. Click here to read more.

Questions and answers

You may have many questions about healing such as "will God heal me" or "I am not a Christian - does it matter". Visit here for some useful answers.

Meet us for prayer

Prayer is just speaking to God, your maker, and telling Him your needs. The Bible tells us that when we ask in faith, He will supply all our needs. Read more about prayer here.

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  • Rod fell down a flight of stairs and damaged his ribs. In a lot of pain overnight. Next morning at hospital X-Ray showed definitely one rib broken near the sternum with a possible further fracture. However, CT scan contradicted X-Ray and showed no broken rib. This puzzled doctors who discussed it for some time. People were praying and Rod is convinced it was an intervention by God as while waiting for CT scan breathing was significantly easier. He is left with a bony bump where the bone was broken near the sternum. –C’s Story

  • They then prayed for my back, and immediately I felt the discs were better! I also had a problem with my sciatic nerve, which was probably due to lower back putting pressure on it. Now the back issue is healed, I expect the nerve to repair and get better.–S’s Story

  • My friend knows me to be shy and under confident when meeting people, but she explained that the meetings were informal relaxed and without pressure, and so one Friday evening I visited the Healing Centre – after all I had nothing quite lose ——how wrong I was—-I lost what had plagued me for 35+ years and every day I thank God for His healing–C’s Story

  • Members of the team prayed for her in the knowledge that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, would cause the tumour to disappear. We then tested her vision and found that her peripheral vision had returned to normal. She praised Jesus and converted to from her Sikh religion to follow Him. Hallelujah!–C’s Story

  • “My marriage was breaking up, my heart was breaking, I need help, I was desperate. U visited the Healing Rooms Centre and received prayer. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was no longer alone and I knew it.”–J’s Story

  • “Just recently, I had been experiencing pain in my wrists, hands and forearms that seemed to come without any cause. It was very debilitating and made doing the daily tasks of life difficult. It was prayed for by the team at the Healing Centre and 98% of the pain disappeared overnight. I had prayer again the following week and the remaining pain completely disappeared.”–B’s Story

  • The welcome I received was great, it was so warm and kind. We started off with a quick chat which put me at ease immediately. I described my issue, and they listened carefully, then began to pray over me. I felt so calm and peaceful, and really felt a connection with God. Since this time I have noticed significant improvement in my ear.–R’s Story

  • They then prayed for me and to my surprise I felt immediate relief from the pain in my elbow. Which as of now is completely gone. the team then spent some time praying into my relationship problem and to my joy my husband returned to me the very next day! Thank you Jesus. I give thanks to God for blessing me and my family the whole of this past year.–J’s Story